Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” Genesis 2:18

I'm excited to write about what I believe about supporting my husband. This is a very important topic to me and I hope to be clear about my reasons why.

I want to start by saying that was an example I saw in my mom. She always encouraged my dad with her words to show him the valuable of his effort.

I know that on more occasions than I knew, my dad felt down and he wondered if he was doing  enough and he always received words of encouragement from my mom. That in his life made a difference.

My parents' work activities were different, so  my mom could not help directly but she encouraged him to put his eyes on Christ, so my dad had all the security he needed to continue and it is so until today.

What we say to our closest people have an effect on their hearts.

Two and a half years ago I got married. My husband is a foreigner and due to immigration reasons we were unable to move to his native country, so we had to stay and live in Nayarit. That changed our plans by 180° and with them, his career.

My husband is a man of excellence, he knows a lot about working with plants, for years that was what he did. Here where we live, that could not be an option for him, so he had to do two things, the first: to fully trust Jesus, and the second: to start a different career to provide our house, almost nothing right?

For those who are married know that the first months (or years) are of coupling, now imagine two people from different cultures, countries and languages. I want you to visualize this, my husband is a young man with a job that he loves in the family business, suddenly he is newly married, in a country completely different from the one he lived his whole life (seriously very different) and another language.

Well, up to here you already have a panorama, so my husband began to see his options and possibilities for fulfill one of the biggest challenges and calls that God gave the man as head of the family, do you know that I'm talking about? providing! I mean making payments, buying products, acquiring services and supplying with everything a family needs. And I repeat it, in a very different context from the one he used to know.

That is the story, and although in many homes the dynamic is that  husband and wife contribute to the expenses (which we have nothing against that) but in our home he has allowed me to experience my call from wife and mom full time without having to work outside.

So to the new challenges that my husband already had, God gave us the blessing of being parents, a little boy came to our home and although he is one hundred percent a blessing from Jehovah and that we love him, it is also true that the list of expenses increased.

Now I am going to focus on how has been his  professional journey. He started creating websites because he already had some experience in that area plus he has always been good at making things look pretty, he learned to put things in order to give businesses a online presence and help them with their sales.

To offer a more complete service, he also included social networks and the content of the websites, and he did it for months, always giving his best effort to help his clients and caring that they were happy with the result.

After months he decided that social networks was not his strong area so after much thought he left that part to improve in design. Meanwhile ideas kept coming to his mind for making better our small family business, called Soltech (Sun because he wants us to be a light to others like Jesus is, I think it is my favorite part).

There are few people I have met who, without having the pressure of a boss and a schedule, they are extremely responsible in their activities, but my husband is one of them. He makes good use of the hours he spend in his office, solving problems, updating his knowledge, and helping others improve their businesses.

Then another opportunity opened up before him: learning coding, which was something that always seemed interesting to him but difficult at the same time, so he did not think he would succeed, but God helped him. For that, he explored his possibilities and one of them that stood out in his eyes was to study online, he informed of what he needed but because he lived abroad he did not apply to that.

Without getting discouraged, he kept looking and found another way, he did the process, he was accepted but he had to put in balance that besides  being a professional he is also a husband and a dad, and the hours were not accessible, so he declined that offer. He did it knowing that it was God's will for our family at that time.

Thanks to the fidelity of Christ, my husband found an ingenious way to grow his knowledge in a difficult area such as coding and also continue working, because as I said before, all the income that comes into our house is through his work.

My husband has always puts effort, time, energy and passion in finding ways to serve with excellence,  to learn on his own, and do not to let the conditions where we live determine what he achieves, and I see that every day.

What I have said regarding all the work he does are a few lines, nothing compared to the amount of hours it takes him, the pressure of knowing that he always has to do his best, the doubts that often  make it more than a field of work a battlefield, the reality is much more extensive than what I am writing.

So here are the reasons why I support my husband:

Because!... because I am his helper, because I admire him, because I respect him, because he impresses me, because he tries, because it is necessary, because I am thankful, because I know that I could never do it as well as he does, because he has taken his call seriously, because I am excited and I see the value of what he does, because I believe in him, because it is the least I can do for him, because I want to obey God, because I love him.

With Jesus, my husband and I are a team. we are on our way to our heavenly home, as long as God helps us to support each other we will do it. We are happy to make a three fold cord. life.